Lift Assist Roofrack System


After a long time in design and prototype testing this new loading system will shortly be coming to market.

The design is motivated by a personal need to load 4 sea kayaks onto a van roof, and a desire to do it quickly and efficiently with minimal risk of damage to boats or bodies.   Working on the principle that it is much easier and safer to pull down than push up, particularly when working above shoulder height, LARS features gas springs to provide a counterbalance to the weight of the load.   With nothing on the rack, it is pulled down to the side of the vehicle and hooked down.   With loading now possible at a comfortable waist to shoulder height the rack is loaded.   When the rack is then unhooked, the gas springs lift the rack back to the horizontal position, with little or no assistance depending on the weight it is loaded with.   The rack is then simply slid back into the locking position on the roof and is ready for your journey.

LARS currently attaches to all vehicles with roof rails, however we have also developed a fitting kit for all cars using adaptors to interface with standard roofrack feet (currently under test).   The LARS can be fitted to the vehicle with no major set up, and is easily removed when required (particularly when used with roofrack feet, although the compact design and minimal wind noise reduce how often you will want to do this).  One big saving with this new design is that the purchase of cross bars is not required.  



The LARS is ideally matched with the C Bar Kayak carrier to provide a simple and secure kayak transportation system, however the T slot mounting system, similar to that used with other manufacturers aerobars, allows for attaching standard cradles and any other accessories such as roof boxes, bike carriers, ladder clamps and any other items one might require to transport.


The encouragement and assistance of Ronnie Weir of Kayak Carrier Systems (KCS) in developing this design is gratefully acknowledged.

Contact us for availability / further information.  Trade and licencing enquiries welcome.

UK registered Design number 6003096.